Sunday, 25 February 2018

The Forgotten Blogger

So ten months has passed since I last looked at and opened my blog!! I have always been a "slow blogger" because there are so many things that I enjoy doing away from the computer. But eventually the urge returns to want to share the things that bring me joy.

Nanna and Chase
2017 was not a healthy year for me with two separate stays in hospital and the continuing fight with my MS but there were still some joyous moments shared with family and friends. The most joyous of those was the arrival of another grandson at the end of December. Little Chase is a brother to our beautiful grandson Landon and we have shared some very happy and beautiful moments with both these little guys since the end of December. It is a joy to be living close enough to them to be a "real" Nanna and Poppa and be part of their growing up. We have missed so much with our other grandchildren living so far away. They may not always be living so close so we shall make the most of the time we have together.

Unfortunately 2017  was not a great year for creative pursuits in the Woman's Cave but there were a few finishes in time for Christmas . Most of my time was spent on cross stitch projects as they were easy on the mind and coordination. However, with an improvement in health I am once again enjoying my hand embroidery as well as cross-stitch and card making.

So 2018 has started well. Health issues still exist but are not currently impacting on my motivation and enthusiasm to be creatively active. Hopefully updates will appear on my blog monthly and I can continue to share my progress with you all for the 2018 Year of Finishes!

Cross-stitch -- 

RR Project for Alice
RR Project for Trisha
RR project for Wendy

Two framed and gifted to Mrs K, Dec 2017
Kimono - gifted to Narelle

Biennial Embroiderers Exhibition 2017 --  The Toowoomba Branch of the Embroiderers Guild held their biennial exhibition in September and I managed to finish two new projects to enter, as well as frame another two that I had finished some time ago. I also finished one of my Faeries in the Garden projects in time to display.

Faeries in My Garden table topper
The Toowoomba Challenge
Finally framed after 6 years

Coffee pot warmer
Angels abound, gifted to Miss Heidi

Quilts -- With the beautiful gift from the OWO of my HQ Sweet 16 machine I had hoped to finish more quilts in 2017. Obviously that didn't happen. But progress was made and I shall continue to work on those WIPs in 2018 as part of my goal in the 2018 Year of Finishes challenge.
Progress continues on Sweet 16

Another grandchild, another quilt

Autumn Glory still under the needle

Social Media Challenges -- I am not a great lover of social media but in 2017 I needed an outlet to keep me motivated. After learning a little more about FB I found a number of Groups that provided me with inspiration,  motivation, and involvement where I could share my own progress on projects with like-minded people.

So now I am busier than ever with monthly challenges, BOMs, and RRs that inspire and motivate me on the "not-so-good" MS days.

The progress on my current project is mainly due to challenges set by two of those FB groups, Cynthia's Ark Project Uninterrupted and Stitchingly's 2018 Year of Finishes.

RR FB GroupA - Jan 2018
Inspired by the interaction of members on these social media groups I actually accepted the challenge of setting up my own FB Group, Round Robin Stitchers of Australia. The first event, a mini Christmas decoration exchange, was a great success and members are currently involved in the first round robin with two small groups of four stitchers.
Online Make it Modern BOM
Round Robin FB Group
Mini Decoration Exchange 2017

My current project and February challenge: My current project is from, designed by Leanne Knell.  It was a nine block, six month BOM that I started last March. Unfortunately due to health issues the project was put on hold. So my challenge for February was to complete all the embroideries ready to stitch the blocks together in preparation for quilting and finishing by the end of March. There were six embroideries to be completed and I currently only have one more to go.  So it looks like I am on target to complete this month's challenge.

On Freedom's Wings, designer Leanne Knell

Center block to finish

Cards in 2017 and 2018  -- Card Making
Many birthdays were missed in 2017 but there were a few Christmas cards made and a couple of special cards. My goal in 2018 is to ensure I do not miss one birthday and so far I have met that goal with eleven cards already sent and another six already made to send in March.
Cannot believe he is 18!

Welcome Chase Dec 2017
Xmas trove of cards sent

and someone was 1....

Table decoration boxes Xmas Day
Someone was 21.....

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