Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Today is ANZAC Day and I  find myself more emotional than normal - even the Last Post reduced me to tears! For the past four weeks we have been housesitting near Innisfail in FNQ. It has been a period of peaks and troughs for me.

Our first week was spent preparing for a cyclone (as mentioned in my last post) and when TC Debbie passed us by we breathed a great sigh of relief.

Then I  developed a cough which turned into bronchitis which developed into pneumonia which was further exacerbated with a severe reaction to the antibiotics prescribed. All of which has taken its toll both physically and emotionally. However, at the time of writing I can thankfully say that I am "on the mend".

Despite all that I  made the most of my "confinement" and retreated into my own world of designing and stitching. However, today my post is not about my activities.

Many of you will know that I  have four beautiful children that make me a very proud mother, but not many of you will know the reasons why I am so proud of them as I do not usually include my private life as part of my craft blog. But today I want to pay a tribute to my daughter, Heidi, and her recent achievements.

Twelve months ago Heidi gave birth to baby James. Sadly James was born "sleeping". Even more sadly his birth could not be "legally" recorded with a birth certifcate as he was born three days before a legal birth is recognised. My daughter was devastated! For many weeks after the birth she battled with ill health and depression, blaming herself for his premature birth and questioning why she should go on with life.

As she grew physically stronger she started running every day. In her own words she "..would run as fast as I could as far as I  could in the hope that the grief couldn't catch up". That was her release mechanism (stitching is mine!).  Then she met other young women who had been tgrough similar experiences and she eventually found some solace and support through a charity called 'Tommy's' - a UK organisation that provides support and research into pregnancy problems and premature birth.
Heidi's story can be found here

In finding a purpose to continue with life she set herself a daunting challenge to raise £500 for the charity and compete in the 2017 London marathon. I  might add here that this young woman suffered with serious anxiety attacks when faced with crowds or strangers so even fund raising would be a major challenge!

Since she began her journey, she has raised £4000 (about $7000) for the charity. Then on Sunday she completed the London marathon. It was no record time but at the end of 41kms she crossed the finish line with a smile on her face -- 7hrs 35mins--proudly wearing a shirt printed with more than 150 stars representing all the little angels she had been told about with a special star for baby James, (and a space for my little angel, Faith). Her new purpose in life has earned her the respect of many new friends and strangers that have read her story.

I am so very proud of what she has achieved, turning her heartache into something positive for the future.
Still smiling after 40kms

You are a legend!

I am blessed to have given birth to four beautiful, healthy children who have grown into beautiful adults.

Perhaps that is the culmination of a month filled with peaks and troughs that would account for my high levels of emotion today.


Marilyn said...

Just read your post Di, hope you are soon feeling better. I also hope your daughter is able to cope much better now. Enjoy your housesit in the tropics.

Gaie Bergstrom said...

Such an inspiring story!! Thank you so much for sharing... ❤️