Thursday, 13 April 2017

Goals Achieved

Oh my! What happened to the month of January.

It was a busy month for this Creative Miss. The month started with a few days in Mackay spending time with our youngest daughter and her family, and enjoying the role of Nanna.

Returning home it was time to deal with the vagaries of life - medical appointments, household and garden maintenance, vehicles services, and re-listing our home on the property market! So many things to get in the way of the important things in life - stitching, crafting, oh, and time in the pool!

With most days hitting temperatures above 35 degrees, it was inevitable that my days would have to be spent in the air-conditioning - even the pool was too warm to cool off with water temp around 30 degrees. So into the 'Woman's Cave' I retired each day for four or five hours. So what did I achieve?

Let's start with the goals I set for January. I did think I would take part in the online UFO project but decided that this year I would set two goals at the beginning of each month. Some of those goals might include some of my PiPs but they would not necessarily be my main goals for this year.

For January I decided it was time to look into setting up an online market shop as my main goal. My second goal was to complete a cot quilt that I had started in 2015.

The cot quilt was finished very quickly using my new "plaything" and I am very pleased with the final result.

It took a little longer to set up my online shop but with a lot of encouragement and support from my two daughters I overcame my nervousness and the end result can be seen at . The very first item I listed for sale was the cot quilt! (Unfortunately after writing this post I received an email to say this online marketplace would be closing in March, so I will have to find another outlet - bummer 😣!)

So despite all the vagaries of real life getting in the way, January goals were achieved. And there was a bonus PiP completed on the very last day of the month - my purple elephants wall hanging. It was actually one of the PiPs in that Dreaded Drawer 3 last year. Wow!!

New goals set for February do not include any PiPs but if I get any finished it will be a bonus.

Readers may have noticed the logo for Aussie Hero Quilts (AHQ) to the right of my posts and you may recall the photos in my post last month of the quilt that I created. My main goal for February was to contact other AHQ stitchers in my area and organise a working bee. With assistance from JM, the Founder and coordinator of AHQ, I have contacted three other ladies who will be joining me for a working bee this month.

Goal number one for February --- ACHIEVED!

Goal number two is a 'mystery' project which is almost complete and will be revealed in my March post.

The month of February has not started well with health issues for me. After a visit to my specialist in January I agreed to start new medication. I had not been on any MS meds since June 2015 and had been doing quite well until our time in Tasmania. But my body deteriorated quite a bit over Christmas and it was time to reconsider my options. Unfortunately after only three weeks on the new meds my body had a severe reaction and I have spent the last three days totally incapacitated. The meds were stopped on Saturday morning and the specialist assures me I should be feeling better by the end of the week.  So hopefully I will be back in the 'Woman's Cave' at the end of this week.

Although I am only setting two goals each month there will be other projects worked on during the month and I will, of course, have a 'show and tell' in my posts.

With only two goals set each month it allows time to work on other things -- maybe some of those projects on my "bucket" list!!!!

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Helen said...

Two goals a month sounds achievable, pity about the online shop closing in March. I'm sure you will find another on line shop.