Sunday, 10 July 2016

Online BOM

Four blocks from 'Cosy Afternoon' BOM 2015
Many of my regular readers may recall that in August 2015 I blogged about an online BOM that I was taking part in -- 'Cosy Afternoon'. It was a delightful project created by +Jacquelynne Steves @ The Art of Home. The BOM only ran for six months so it was a "can-do" project for someone like me who always seems to be neck deep in projects! Because it was an online BOM when we were travelling away from home for long periods I could still receive the block and work on the project in my own timeframe.

Jacquelynne is offering another free online BOM and I have just completed Block 1 which was released on 6th June. This year's project is called "Maggie's First Dance ".

As with the previous BOM the Center of each block can be completed with appliqué, embroidery or just a feature fabric. I have again elected to embroider the centres, as I did with 'A Cosy Afternoon ' .

For me the hardest part of any new project is choosing the fabrics. I often think it takes me longer to decide on fabrics and colours than it takes me to make the project!! Perhaps it didn't take me quite so long this time as I was restricted by the fabric available for me to choose from-- remember we were still away from home when the first block was released in June and my "travelling " stash was somewhat smaller than my "at home" stash!!!!

However, I ended up with TWO colourway choices.
Colourway 2
Colourway 1

Some of these fabrics were in the 'bonus'  box of fabrics Miss Carmel was kind enough to give me in May, and some I purchased whilst on our travels. So what do you think about the choices? Might have to make TWO projects!!!!

I have actually completed TWO embroideries for Block 1. Why? Well, the first one I worked on white fabric  but when I placed it against the other fabrics I had chosen to complete the block I thought it looked too stark. So I started again and this time I used a cream background. Much happier with that!
Embroidery on white
Embroidery on cream

Cushion cover front
I used a few different embroidery stitches as I tend to get "bored" with just backstitch. The stitches I used included Portuguese knotted stem stitch on the petals; French knots and straight stitch for the centers; flystitch for the leaves; and raised outline stitch for the stems (this was a new stitch for me but easy and very relaxing to complete).

Time and effort was not wasted as the  offensive white block has been "recycled" into a dazzling cushion cover front.  Voila-- nothing wasted in this 'Woman's Cave'.

Here are the steps in making Block 1 and the finished Block.
Making the snowball block
Completed snowball block
Making the 1/4 square triangles
Joined 1/4 square elements

White centre trial - too stark
Cream centre trial - much better
It might not look much difference in the photos, but it was definitely TOOOOO white!

And the finished Block

If you like my version of Block 1, and you are interested in participating in this free online BOM, you can still join the group at this website--

Next post I'll bring you an update on my progress with those PiPs from DD3 and Drawer 6 as well as the additions to my Xmas gift box.

Until then --
Hugs - and - Happy stitching!

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Carla said...

Your projects are lovely. I'm popping over to answer your question about the block I posted. If you google 'linked squares quilt block' it should be right at the top. Thanks for stopping by ; )