Tuesday, 2 February 2016

What did you give as gifts for Christmas?

My post before Christmas included a "taster" of some of the projects I had been working on as gifts.  I must say it was a miracle that I managed to finish as many projects as I did after being away travelling for three months! There were a couple of projects I had to hastily work on - into late hours of the night I might add - that I omitted from my follow up post.  So here is a little "catch-up" on those projects that I did manage to finish just in the nick of time (no pun intended!).

Arwen's quilt - 'Bear Hugs'
The first is a small quilt for my great-niece, Arwen.  It was actually 99% completed before we started our travels in September and was on show at our Embroiderer's Guild Open Day and Exhibition in October. This photo was taken before we left.  All I needed to complete it was a label and embroider the little one's name and birthdate on the front.  Unfortunately, I can't seem to locate a photo of the completed quilt with embroidery but will try to get one before my next post.

Master K's - "I Spy" cuddle quilt
The next is a small quilt for Master K. I was still working on this quilt two days before our gift-giving day! I designed it myself as an animal I-Spy quilt and incorporated his nursery colours. It's not large enough for his cot/bed but I hope he will enjoy it as a cuddle rug. I used a lovely warm minky fabric on the back (photos at end of this post).

Miss Nellie's gift of love
There was a small wall-hanging for my lovely sister-in-law, Miss Nellie, which I embroidered whilst travelling in WA.

Water bottle carriers
And I finally found 'homes' for the last two water bottle carriers that were in my 'stash'.

Another stocking for Santa
All of my children and grandchildren have received a very special handmade Christmas stocking over the last five or six years. So, of course, it was expected that the newest addition, that being Master K, would also need a special stocking.  This one I was still finishing at five to midnight the day before our gift-giving day - what else would a Nanna be doing!!!!!

The only disappointing thing for me is that I was not able to send precious gifts to my family in the UK. Aside from the cost of postage involved, there is always the element of "lost" parcels around that time of year.  However, I hope that everyone enjoyed their special gifts that were sent and made with love. All sent from the heart.

Until my next post (a follow-up on the progress of my "Stitching Journey for 2016"),

Hugs --  and  -- Happy Stitching

More photos of Master K's quilt:
Printed label
Soft minky backing
"I-Spy" animals

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