Wednesday, 17 February 2016

A Little Early for Xmas?!!

Wow - I have actually managed two posts this month!

AND.... I have finished another item from the Dreaded Drawer 3 (an "unlisted project" unfortunately,  but from the DD3 just the same!). I have also made some progress with another project (Number 9 - 'Miracles by Appointment" - very appropriate I thought!), as well as managing to cut, and iron into place ready for stitching, the violet bouquets for another block for the 'Love Letters Quilt' in Drawer 6.

Last month I joined an online group called 1 Xmas Item a Month  .  Members of this group work on projects/items for Xmas, whether it be decorations or gifts, individual projects or a larger project, and share their progress each month. As I try to make most of my Xmas gifts for family and friends I thought it would be fun to join this group and share my progress with them. Already proven a successful motivation for me as the finished PiP mentioned above is my first "show and tell" project with the group. Looking forward to adding more finished Xmas projects to their blog throughout the year.

This is the finished PiP.  It is a design by a Victorian designer at Smee Designs  . I bought the pre-printed pattern online quite some time ago and I have been working on it for over two years.  A redwork design, the original is mainly worked in backstitch but I added my own personal touch with a variety of stitches and added some embellishments to complete each block. The sashing and border material is Seasons Greeting by Fabri-Quilt - I bought this fabric on our recent travels to WA.

Xmas Wall-hanging - 'Subversive Santa'

During the month I also downloaded a sheet from +Cynthia's Ark to list my UFOs and PiPs to help me keep track of the projects I either complete or make some progress with.  I now have TWO lists - one for the hand embroidery stitching and one for the projects in the DD3 - that should keep me busy for awhile.  Of course, in answer to my quilty friend +Marilyn C , there may also be one or two "new" projects to work on during the year.

Stitching UFOs and PiPs for 2016

Soooo..... more progress in the last ten days.  It must be all the excitement around here as we finalise our preparations for the big trip starting on 25th February.  Yes, I do have projects ready to take with me and hopefully, now that we have the comfort of the new A-van, I will be able to complete some more of those UFOs and PiPs before we get home in July.

So until next month ........


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