Saturday, 17 October 2015

Wildflower Westerly Wanderings

What an amazing six weeks this has been. We left our beautiful home on the 4th of September- just as Spring flowers began to bloom - to begin an incredible journey to the shores of Albany in Western Australia.

What?? No shopping!!!
After five weeks travelling we have finally arrived at our destination where we will reside for the next three weeks. I am not going to give you a "travelogue" here but if you are interested in following our adventures then you are invited to read our travel blog at 
With a couple of weeks access to the internet, although intermittent, I will update our travel blog, so please check out the site regularly for the updates on our adventures.

After so many days in the 'wilderness' it is lovely to be able to sit and stitch in the comfort of an armchair. Don't get me wrong here, I have absolutely loved travelling this wonderful country but there are two things I missed more than anything else --- a HOT shower, and somewhere to sit and stitch away from the dust and flies!!!
Desert stitching - Montecollinor  Bore

Whilst making that latter remark I do have to quantify that I did get some stitching times whilst travelling, sitting in some of the most beautiful spots imaginable. Of course the OGO (who has now become the OWO - the Old WHITE One) just had to immortalise his Stitching Queen on film.

Strezlecki Track

'The Breakaways' Campground - inspiration plus

Whilst I was very selective on what projects I packed for this adventure, it never occurred to me that I would not be able to stitch for long periods because of the dust and flies.

At the end of five weeks travel I managed to complete two hand stitched projects. So no doubt there will still be a number of PIPs going home at the end of November.
With Hearts, Love Grows

'And Angels Sing'

In the meantime I shall enjoy the comfort of an armchair until the end of October with projects in hand , a cat by my side, and a glass, or two, of Margaret River wine.

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