Thursday, 29 October 2015

Be Careful What You Wish For

Just ten days ago I was bemoaning the fact that I was missing quality stitching time whilst enjoying our travel adventures. Not that I wished for more time to stitch, just a more comfortable place to sit.

Me and Louise just relaxing
Well, it happened -- another darn MS episode -- hardly able to walk for the past five days the only thing to do was stay in bed or sit in the comfy chair and STITCH. As it happens, the weather turned nasty on the weekend, very wet and very windy, so that was some consolation in that we would not have been out exploring much anyway.

Today it is still raining, but I am a lot more mobile thank goodness, as we only have three more days here in Albany before we start on our travels again. In the meantime, I shall make the most of this 'episode' and continue to slowly work on some of the PiPs in my little box of goodies. So far I have managed to complete two projects.

Exchange Bookmark
Working on that bookmark
The first was a bookmark that I started ten days ago and finished on Sunday. This was part of an "exchange" with a small group of cross-stitchers that I have been stitching with for some time now.  The organiser, the lovely Julie, lives in Scotland and has been organising Round Robins for a long time. Whilst I no longer take part in the RRs because we are away travelling so much, I did sign up for the exchange bookmark, thinking I would be able to complete that whilst travelling. Yeah, that worked --- NOT! But it is now finished and on its way to ???? -- well, I can't say who because she might be reading this, but you can probably glimpse her name in the photo!!

Reverse side bookmark
When I was looking for a design, I wanted to find something that had a special meaning, so when I found some owl fabric in Kojonup on our way to Perth, I knew exactly what I would do. The Owl and the Pussycat was one of my favourite "tall tales" as a child, so it was a delight to stitch that memory into this special bookmark exchange. And Heather, I still have some of the lovely owl fabric left to take home! Any suggestions for a future project my owl-loving friend?

Deerfield Sampler

How neat is the reverse of my sampler?
The second project completed is a Deerfield Sampler that was started in a workshop held by the Toowoomba Embroiderer's Guild earlier in the year. I really loved this style of embroidery and I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop with our tutor Flo Longmore. Look how neat the reverse is - the OWO said he couldn't tell the difference between front and back but I know he was just being kind because I was in so much suffering this week!

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