Saturday, 15 August 2015

Mid Year Crisis is Over

Wow - it's August! And I have to admit that I am delighted that the first half of this year has gone and the OGO and I can look forward to the second half of 2015 with great expectations. Yes, it has been some time since my last entry shared with you and I wish that I could say it was because I was far too busy in the Woman's Cave or travelling around the country.  Some of that is true (the travelling bit anyway) but mostly it has been more because of the OGO's health issues - which I am delighted to say have now been dealt with and the crisis is over.  Time to move on to more positive things methinks!

There were two very wonderful events, or moments in time, in the first half of 2015.  One in March when a beautiful new addition to our family arrived in the shape of a baby boy for Mrs K. This little one is a delight and a joy to us all - but especially the OGO who seemed to form a bond with the little one since day one. So we have now been blessed with FOURTEEN beautiful grandchildren. All strong and healthy - for which we are very blessed.
"Ya-Whoo" - Owls for Heather - July 2015
The other wonderful moment in time was to hear the news from the lovely Heather in Tasmania that she was clear of all cancer following months of chemo treatment. Such wonderful news and I wish her continued good health for a long time yet.

After the OGO's op in July I managed to re-ignite my passion for my craft work and set about making gifts for Christmas. I know, I know - such a nasty word so early in the year. But getting things started now means less rush and stress in December - especially as the OGO and I are off on another adventure from early September until the end of November.  Anyway, despite being mid-year, I have managed to start ticking off my list of goodies for family and friends.
Large Arrowhead Cushion cover

Drink bottle carriers
Matching cushion covers - Ooh La La

My 2015 goal was to finish some of my PiPs before starting any new projects. Yeah..... well that didn't last long. I did manage to finish some of the small PiPs.   The Aussie floral placemats, French General fabric cushion covers, and the bottle carriers were all small PiPs started in 2014. Christmas gifts do you think??

 I still have a large number of PiPs to work on (maybe whilst travelling for three months do you think?), but I have also started (and finished in some cases) a number of new projects, as I felt the need for more challenging projects.

Cozy Afternoon BOM Block 1 close-up
Cozy Afternoon BOM Block 1
One of the new projects is a BOM by Jacquelynne Steves called "Cozy Afternoon". This is a FREE online project offered over five months - I only signed up for it two weeks ago and I have completed two blocks (photos below and on Pinterest). A great project for using up some of my stash, which seems to be growing faster than rabbits can breed!!!  This is the first "online" project I have taken part in and it's quite good fun being able to share the end project with others.  If you would like to see the full project, you can just click on the link above and it should open in another page.

Of course, there are other "new" projects happening in the Woman's Cave. Things like the beautiful "Gift of the Month" projects from Faeries in My Garden - quite a challenging project the last one which arrived in two parts (photos next time I hope). Not yet completed but well on the way. And the Hexies Storage Bag that I showed you part of last post, is now finished and full of things to work on whilst travelling.
Hexi bag front - embroidered

Inside Hexi bag - all ready to travel

Hexi bag back - zippered close

And so the next two weeks will be busy getting everything ready for our travels to WA with the camper trailer.  Of course, there will still be time to work on projects in the Woman's Cave - and I do have to prepare some "hand" projects to take with me - how would I survive for three months without a challenging project or two!!!
Placemats for travelling

FiMG Picnic Placemat

FiMG Placemat ready for travelling

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