Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Relaxing Time

After a very busy, and quite stressful, few days last week, this Crafty Miss is enjoying some time out with the OGO.

Chilling out at the Mouses House

As a birthday gift the OGO booked us into the Mouses House in Springbrook. My favourite place to celebrate special occasions. This time it was to celebrate my birthday, but as it turns out we are also celebrating the birth of our grandson.

This is a beautiful location with purpose built chalets in the rainforest. Nine of the original chalets were named after Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, plus the Wicked Witch. There have been three other chalets added - Prince Charming, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. The latter is the newest luxury chalet and is where we are enjoying some quality time out.
The chalet has luxury appointments, including a spa bath and a private hot tub, overlooking the rainforest stream.
Lounge & kitchen area
Of course, the OGO's quality time out revolves around his bird photography, for which there is plenty of opportunity here. Naturally my quality time revolves around......... Yep, you guessed it....... Stitching!!!!!! What a beautiful spot for inspiration and motivation to work on my beautiful embroidery pieces .......

 Of course all that is between relaxing in the hot tub after some short walks in the forest, glasses of bubbly, and simply sumptuous delicacies of seafood, cheese, local fudge, and fresh fruit ... Oh, and must not forget that lovely massage!!!!

Stitching as always!

Well, that's it folks. Guess you are all feeling a little envious by now, so I'm off for another soak in the hot tub and another glass of bubbly.


Marilyn said...

Happy Birthday Diana, looks like you are enjoying and having a wonderful time.

Diana Rayward said...

Thank you +Marilyn. So beautiful here, a shame we have to leave today.