Sunday, 22 March 2015

Confined Again!

Confined to bed rest once AGAIN!  After a necessary root canal operation at the Day Hospital I am restricted to two days "rest" , which under the OGO's interpretation of instructions from the dentist, means either time in bed or time in my lounge chair!

Thank goodness for a thoughtful son who provided his father with the gift of an iPad 18 months ago. Time to surf the web and time looking through Pinterest without that feeling of guilt I usually have. Also time to work on all my new hand stitching projects that I wasn't going to start.

At the moment I have four "new" projects and three older PIPs (Projects in Progress) hand stitching projects sitting on my work table. There are also two quilts in progress that I will return to once over my "confinement". Two days of hand stitching might just get one project finished and ready to piece together on the machine.

Recently spent time going over my blog posts and realised there are a few projects that I finished last year before Christmas that I had not shared on my blog. As the original idea for setting up this blog was a journal of projects I had been working on during the year I decided to add a page with photos of completed projects for 2014. If you would like to view that page it is on the menu bar below the blog title.

Cabin Beneath the Stars - Jelly Roll Log Cabin
Work in the Woman's Cave has been slow this past ten days as I have been spending time 'training' the OGO in setting up his own blog. After seeing the EXCELLENT job I have done with our travel blog (and this blog), and a little encouragement from me, he decided he needed a personal blog to show off his photographic talents. So 'RoCs World in Photos' was created for public sharing. We think his blog will complement our travel blog with more photos of the wildlife and landscapes we see on our adventures. Now that I have promoted the OGO's blog, back to my own.

Last month I decided to try and start on my Christmas gift list. So far I have spent more time getting ideas from library books and Pinterest than I have making the items. But I have managed to finish a lovely cushion cover this week using the disappearing nine patch technique. As I haven't yet decided who to give it to, I thought I could share it with you.

Do you know what this little house holds?
Bugs in a Rug floor mat - finished & delivered
Thought I would also share the other small projects that I have started, despite vowing no more until I had completed the older PIPs. My excuse is that I need lots of hand stitching projects to take with us when we leave for the NP in May --- oh, and for our train adventure in April!!! Haha.

Until next time, happy stitching.

Reverse Bugs in Rug
Disappearing 9 patch cushion cover finished
Ellies in progress 1
Progress on Ellies Wall hanging for Women's Cave
Embroidered Hexies Bag - Faeries project
Mountmellick project - My Welsh Heritage
Hexie bag embroidery

My Welsh Heritage project - Mountmellick work

More designs for My Welsh Heritage project


Marilyn said...

You have lots of PIP's I don't think about those things. Time soon gets away when I start exploring the web so I have set myself a time limit so that I can get some sewing done too. The mountmellick work looks great.

Catherine said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. Yay, another slow blogger!:-) Doesn't look as if you are very slow though - there are lots of lovely makes here. Did you know you are a 'no reply' blogger by the way?

Diana Rayward said...

Thanks Catherine. What does a 'no reply' blogger mean? There is so much I am still learning about blogging. Sometimes very confusing.

Helen said...

Hi Diana, enjoyed reading your lovely blog full of adventure and beautiful projects. Love your Hexies bag project and look forward to seeing it finished.

Helen said...

Diana there are lots of fixes on the subject just type in how to fix no reply blogger on Google :)

Diana Rayward said...

Thank you Helen. Am trying to fix the "no reply blogger" issue and hope I am getting it right. Always wondered why I did not receive any replies to my comments on other blogs!

Diana Rayward said...

Thanks again Helen. After a little research and reading the issues with reverting to Blogger from Google+, I am a little dubious about reverting to fix the "no reply blogger" issue. So may just have to remain a "no reply blogger" for awhile.