Saturday, 21 February 2015

Oh My Gosh ---- It's actually 2015!

Hello at last from a very slack Creative Miss.
No excuses for my long time absence ---  just far too many "life" issues happened in the past four months that took precedence over my blogging time. Health issues have been at their peak during that period, with three relapses for me in a five week period and the OGO undergoing a number of tests that have shown cancer of the prostate.  The latter issue will be resolved when the OGO has the necessary op to remove the prostate. The former may have a short term result if I am prescribed stronger medication.  That's all the dull stuff out of the way.

Now the exciting stuff - grandchild number fourteen is due any day and we are just waiting for the anticipated telephone call before we head off to Mackay to welcome Baby K. Thank goodness he didn't decide it was time to enter this world at the same time as Cyclone Marcia appeared!  Speaking of which - my heart goes out to all those affected by the destruction of Cyclone Marcia.  I know that many will have lost many precious things in the wake of the cyclone but I am sure that, in true Australian spirit, the people in those areas affected will receive comfort from the support they are given by people far and wide.

Despite my slack blog entries I have actually kept quite busy in the Woman's Cave, especially after the OGO and I decided not to sell our lovely home in Toowoomba, and opted for a bit of "updating and rearranging" instead.  With new carpets being chosen for all four bedrooms  -- one of which has been used as the Woman's Cave for some time now - we moved furniture, emptied cupboards, rearranged rooms, and did a general 'clear-out'.  Result --- the Woman's Cave is now roomier and much easier to work in! Still working on a few more changes - such as a more "permanent" display wall -- but it really does make a difference to the working mojo.

Some Xmas work.
In my last post I was starting work on my Christmas cards.  I actually made and sent out almost 40 cards before Christmas - some of which can be seen on my Pinterest site.  Cardmaking in the Woman's Cave became my priority at that time as I was unable to work on my sewing machine. So glad that I have a second option to work the hand/brain coordination when nothing else works.

For some years now I have managed to give handmade gifts to family members for Christmas, and sometimes special birthdays.  Unfortunately my list of handmades last year was very minimal. However, the gifts I did make and give were greatly appreciated by my three neices in Brisbane - making things earlier in the year was certainly a bonus this time. Perhaps a lesson for me to learn and continue to work with.

Meg's Strippy
This strippy lap quilt was my first strippy project. It is based on a design called Liberated Log Cabin which I found in a library book last year. It is a Quilt As You Go technique. I used scraps from other projects and used fabric from the stash of dress fabrics I have from years gone by. It was fun to make. Completed in October 2014 it made a lovely Christmas gift for my neice who is currently living in Tasmania and will appreciate a little extra warmth this Winter.

Made for Arwen.

Knitted for Arwen

There was another new arrival in December - another great-neice for me, with a beautiful Welsh name - Arwen Joy.  Another opportunity to finish a couple of IPs (incomplete projects) - a dress and bonnet that my own mother had started before she died in 2007. I also knitted a jacket and bootees from an old pattern book that I had kept since the early 70s.  Wow, can't believe I wrote that!

Owls have found a Home
In my preious posts you will have seen photos of completed, or almost completed, projects. One of those completed projects was an owl banner, made for the Toowoomba Quilters challenge in 2014.  I am delighted to say that those owls are now happily hanging in the home of a special friend in Tasmania. Heather was diagnosed with lymphoma in January and has adopted the owl as her symbol of strength. So I felt it was a perfect gift to send to that special lady.

Close up of Country Romance for Miss H.
One of the "almost completed" projects was the Country Romance quilt that I had been working on for quite some time (my first BOM from 2007 I believe). Although my enthusiasm to complete the quilt had grown immensely in 2014, I really had no idea who I would give it to.  Well, it has been "claimed" by my daughter in the UK. Miss H was the only immediate family member in the UK who had not received one of my quilts, so I am delighted that she has chosen one that I have worked so tirelessly on for so long.  It's still not finished as I am hand quilting and not machine quilting the top, but it should be on its way to the UK later this year.

There are more projects to show, but I think I have stretched my friendship with all of you with such a long post, so I will save the rest for another day.
Country Romance top ready to hand quilt


Marilyn said...

Wow Diana you have been busy! I don't seem to be able to give my quilts away so easily - you have very lucky friends and family which I am sure they will treasure the quilts and the banner. Hope all ends well for you both with your health issues.

Diana Rayward said...

thank you Marilyn. Lots more to achieve yet before we start our travels in May. Absolutely love your sewing compendium shown on your blog. Love the colours and very practical. Stay in touch.