Monday, 6 January 2014

New Year Greetings

Happy New Year to all my readers.  Yes, I know it has been TWO MONTHS since my last post but it was a very, very busy period leading up to Christmas.  There was so much stitching to be completed for all those precious family gifts - and, of course, added into the pot is having the house listed for sale - which meant, much to my horror, more housework and less craftwork!

But here we are - the start of another year - and what do we have planned this year?  For me and the OGO it will be another part of our journey in life together.  The house is on the market and if it sells before the end of February then we will be turning another page in our book.  No sale before then and we are off travelling, caretaking, and house-sitting again from March until October.  So I had best be prepared with a case full of hand-stitching no matter what happens.

The first week of January has been a scorcher - with every day over 35 degrees celsius - and two days in the 40's.  The air-con has been working flat out but the positive from all that is I was able to sit and stitch whilst watching the tennis (and the cricket) and not feel any pangs of guilt - it was just toooooo hot for any other kind of activity.  Ohhh darn!!!!

Alisha's gifts
Well enough of the weather woes.  I think in my last post I promised photos of the gifts I was making for my family.  So here they are.  I know one little girl was very pleased with her gift and another was surprised that her grandmother had actually made such beautiful things.  So all in all - I was chuffed.

Evening bag - Heidi

Folder - Alisha

iPhone case - Alisha
Back Hippy bag
Hippy bag - Kristen

iPad satchel - Fay

Memory book - the OGO

Ribbon bag - Freya

Ribbon bag side - Freya

Serviette holders - last minute gifts

Placemats - Kylie (neice)


Marilyn C said...

You have certainly been busy. They are all lovely gifts and I am sure they will be treasured by the recipients.
I would also like to wish you a Happy New Year too and hope it all works out well for you both.

Diana Rayward said...

Thank you Marilyn. I was very busy but it was a delight to see the end results. Wishing you a wonderful year in 2014.

MitchnSue said...

Love your gifts...what a talent. Hope you have a great 2014 (house sells). Love you both, Mitch & Sue