Monday, 13 January 2014

Motivation and Inspiration equals Creation

In my last post I shared the gifts that I had made for some of my family members. As my stitching time in the month of November was mainly taken up with those gifts and  preparation for Christmas was the priority in December, I was very slack in updating my craft blog.  So this post will review the "other" stitching for the months of October through to December.

You may recall that my goal for 2013 was to complete some of the UFO's sitting around in my craft room.  In the first couple of months I completed three of those UFOs.  As we were away travelling from April to June, and then house-sitting in Tasmania from June to August, I was a little restricted with the type of craft I could work with in that period.  However, it was a perfect opportunity to work on any hand-stitched projects that I had aimed to complete.

The first of those hand-stitched UFO's that I completed was the Nikki Tervo teapot stitcheries that I had purchased in 2010!  Once the stitcheries were completed I then, of course, had the dilemma as to what I would do with NINE individual teapot stitcheries.  My first thought was a wall hanging, but then where would I display it - certainly didn't want to leave such lovely work in a drawer!  Then I had a brilliant idea and this was the result - finished by the middle of September.  Six placemats and a central table runner - Perfect solution.

Individual placemat

Six placemats & a runner
So without a sewing machine I continued work on my applique projects, from April to August, and although I didn't actually FINISH any of those UF quilts I did feel as though I had made some progress and continue to be motivated enough to work on them between other projects - in other words they are no longer sitting idle in the craft box!

Redwork on Canvas
In October the Embroidery Guild of Toowoomba held their Open Day and with a little encouragement I entered a few of my own completed projects for display.  There was a special display of Redwork and so I challenged myself to complete a Redwork project in time to display it at the event. Never having done Redwork before I was quite proud of my finished project. If you were lucky enough to attend the Open Day you would have seen some very beautiful work by some very talented members of that group.  I have learned a great deal since joining the group in 2012 - I have also learned that not all types of embroidery are easy to master!!!

Following the completion of the Redwork challenge I had set myself, I was indeed more motivated to work on more challenging projects than just my applique and that forced me to look into my very large bag of "goodies" that I had been receiving from "Faeries in My Garden". 

In 2012 I signed up for the "Gift of the Month" club with FiMG, then re-signed in 2013 despite having only completed ONE of the 2012 projects - silly me you might say.  But not so - all the special stitched gifts I made last year, and showed in my last post, were actually from that bag of "goodies". Out of 18 projects I have now COMPLETED EIGHT.  You have actually seen photos of seven projects - project number eight was completed last week - this one is for ME. Photos in my next post, along with photos of my current quilt project.

I have also been working on the Toowoomba Quilters 2014 Challenge - which is a banner. I might just give a sneak peak in my next post but can't reveal all until it has been completed and submitted to the organisers.

My last RR project for Mazz 2013
In my October post I mentioned that I would be commencing another RR with my cross-stitcher friends.  Unfortunately, life became a little overwhelming with all that was happening at the time and I had to withdraw from the group.  I just felt it would have been a little unfair on my fellow stitchers if I had been unable to meet the stitching deadlines, and the increase in overseas postage was beginning to stretch the craft budget a little too much.  I was quite sad about leaving the group, as working on other stitchers projects has kept me motivated with my cross-stitch since my MS diagnosis in 2006. I hope that maybe in 2015 I might be able to re-start those RRs. 
But following that sad decision I decided that in 2014 my goal would be to direct my efforts into completing some of my "unloved" cross-stitch projects hidden in the cupboard whilst continuing work on those three applique quilts still in progress.  

A PERFECT goal for me, as we will be away from home for most of the year with travels north, south and west, and hand-work will be easy to pack and carry.
RR Xmas exchange -  Wendy UK

Before I close this post, I would like to share with you some of the beautiful handcrafted cards we received from family and friends over the Christmas period.  There are so many talented people in our lives and I would like to acknowledge their efforts.
Alice - RR stitcher UK

Friends - Denise J. (L) and Carmel P. (R)

Family - Donna (cousin) & Freya (grand-daughter -7yrs)

Until next post ----- HAPPY STITCHING ALL.


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