Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Motivation, Motivation, Creation!!

Gingham Girls coming together
Wow - cannot believe it has taken me FOUR months to finally find time to update my craft world.  So much has been happening around home since our return from Tasmania at the beginning of August that blogging has taken a deep plunge on the priorities list.

However, I have not been idle in all that time.  

On our return home early August it took some time for me to "re--locate" all my craft items in my Woman's Cave - just couldn't find anything for several days (almost a month actually) - and when I did locate items, I couldn't recall where I was up to with anything.

Then when I finally got the mojo going at the end of August we set off on another trip to visit the "new property" moguls near Finch Hatton. 

What a dream place that is - who wouldn't be motivated to be creative in such beautiful surroundings.  Sad to only spend a few days with Mr and Mrs K. but it was back to beautiful Toowoomba in time for a very busy Carnival time - and more inspiration gleaned from the annual quilt exhibition.

After Carnival I finally found time to return to my "Cave" and start work on gifts for my family.  Sadly I cannot show you any of these just yet as recipients of those gifts will be viewing this blog - who wants to spoil such lovely surprises!? Not me at least.

60th birthday gifts for my brother - Aug 2013
Two gifts completed since the beginning of August are shown below - a 60th birthday for my brother posed the question as always - so his gift was made with love - a travel bag and heat pack.  The other very important gift was the completion of a quilt for our eldest grand-daughter who turns 21 this month and will receive this beautiful quilt very soon. 
Isn't it beautiful?

Kaylani's quilt Nov 2013
Such vibrant colours
Never complete without a label
Country Romance finally coming together

Only the beads to add

Gingham Girls 3

Gingham Girls 1
Gingham Girls 2
Still you should know that I have not only been busy with gift-making, but I have been working on more of those UFOs that keep multiplying in the cupboard as the photo gallery above will show.

RR beginning Dec
At the beginning of December I will be starting a new Round Robin with fellow stitchers both overseas and in Australia- this project is also one of my UFOs - what better way to complete a UFO than with the help of fellow stitchers.  I also have a RR project that will need to be completed for the same date to be mailed to Victoria. So the next month will definitely not be without some interesting stitching challenges.

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