Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Channel Stitchers

Only one week in our 'temp' home and I was chauffered off to meet a small local quilting group known as the Channel Stitchers.  What a lovely welcoming group of ladies. There are only six in the group, but all very talented crafters - Jan, Chris, Sue, Heather, Barbara, and Ros.  They meet fortnightly in each other's homes and come from a variety of backgrounds.  It was lovely to share ideas and projects with them.
Birthday gathering Middleton

At the group on Tuesday discussion turned to the upcoming Quilt and Craft Show scheduled in Hobart for 28-30 June and who would be going on Friday.  Ros was the only one unable to go Friday as she is still teaching (Home Economics teacher!) and school hols didn't start until Friday afternoon.  So arrangements were made to take two cars up to Hobart (about 50kms) and we would meet at Jan's in Woodbridge at 9.15am.
Christine's QAYG Fan Quilt

The Craft Show itself was a little disappointing, but the Island Quilt Exhibition was absolutely stunning.  Unfortunately, no photos but I am sure there will be photos in APQ some time later this year. 

There were very, very few quilting or fabric stands at the Show, with only 38 stands.  However, I did, of course, manage to purchase a few small items, including a kimono placemat pattern and another sashiko project, as well as a lot more items for my cardmaking and scrapbooking stash.  After all, one cannot go to a Craft Show and go home empty handed can one?

The cool weather here is just perfect for stitching and I have managed to spend a few happy and warm hours in front of the log fire with my cross-stitch and my Red Brolly applique work.

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