Thursday, 20 June 2013

Travelling and Stitching Again

After a long ten weeks in the 'Bush' we arrived home on Wednesday, 12th June - but only for a few short days as we headed off again on Monday, 16th June.  This time to the beautiful Apple Isle, Tasmania.  Yes, I know - it's Winter, it's cold, it's Tasmania - have we lost our minds!?  No, this will be another 'adventure' and another opportunity to meet with fellow quilters and stitchers, and a chance to attend the annual exhibition for the Tasmania Quilters Guild in Hobart. No doubt I shall return with another armful (or case full maybe) of fabrics, patterns and shared ideas - just what I need to restore that lost "quilting MoJo".

Apache Wedding Sampler
Without modern technology contact for almost ten weeks (only a very slow dial-up at the NP where we were on our annual caretaking duties for five weeks and nothing whilst travelling out west) there was plenty of time for some hand-stitching. True to form, I had packed more projects than I could complete, but I did enjoy the time working on another long forgotten UFO cross-stitch.  Still not finished, but pretty close, and I'm confident it will be completed before we return from Tassie - along with some of those applique projects sitting in the cupboard at the moment. 
Stitch-a-Month project
Since arriving in Gordon I have spent a few hours working on the Stitch-a-Month project from the Toowoomba Embroider's Guild which was started in April last year - might have it finished before we leave here!

Billy 'the Kid'
We arrived in Gordon late Monday afternoon and have settled into our 'temporary' home with our little companion, Billy.  There have been patches of blue sky but it is rather chilly and certainly great weather for those 'indoor only' activities.  

View from kitchen verandah
Looking forward to meeting fellow quilters and stitchers here in southern Tassie.

Another view from the kitchen

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Marilyn C said...

Looks to be very relaxing there and time for lots of stitching while you keep warm.