Monday, 11 March 2013

Wanted - New 'Mojo'

Unfortunately very little progress on that UFO list during the month of February - just couldn't seem to find the same motivation that hung around in January.  Maybe it was because there were too many other things happening that this Creative Miss had no control over.

Although there has been very little, or next to nothing, done with my UFOs over the past few weeks, there has been some progress with Mr Bonney's quilt - despite some very frustrating issues with my lovely "Brother" over the past week or so --- not sure if they were machine or operator issues!!

The quilt has progressed from the design stage on the computer, as shown in my last post, to the 9 x 9 block stage ready for quilting.  This is a "man-quilt" so the plain blocks will just be very simply quilted.  In saying that, there is still a lot of preparation involved to get to the "join-completed-block" stage, and I'm beginning to think this will not be completed before we head off on our "adventures" in April!  So be-it - I'll just finish it when we get back in August and rely on Australia Post to deliver when and as required.

A little progress on one UFO was made over the last three days - the oriental design quilt, which I 'pinned' in late January.  After a few frustrating attempts at 'stitch-in-the-ditch' on my own machine failed to get any acceptable results, I decided to try another angle and sought some assistance from one of my local quilt shops - @MK's Sew-Able.  Marilyn, the store-owner, has a Sweet Sixteen machine that customers can use for an hourly rate.  So Thursday afternoon this Creative Miss spent two hours playing with the machine to get an idea of how it works.  Very enjoyable pastime. Booked in to use on Thursday this week to stitch the sashings.  In the meantime, I started the hand-quilting on the central panel and I am quite pleased with the result so far.  This is not a UFO that will be completed over-night (or even over a month for that matter), but it is one that I can work on during the evening and see some results.

With little motivation to work on the box of UFOs I spent a few hours on a small cross-stitch project - a patchwork owl - which I completed and included with the beautiful owl I stitched for one of the stitchers in my current RR group (photo in last post).  It was a small fun project and very quick and easy to do over a couple of evenings. 

 Of course, setting aside my stitching for awhile (with loss of 'mojo' that was easy to do), I decided I needed another outlet and have planned to host a fund-raising High Tea and Garden Party at the end of March. So I focussed my creativity on planning the event and spent time making individual invitations using my card 'stash' for a change. 

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Unknown said...

It was interesting that you posted this blog just now. I was at church yesterday and there was a lesson on completing what one starts. I told the women that I have a friend in Australia that has a New Years Resolution to finish those projects. Keep up the good work!!