Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A Week for Stitching

My annual visit to the skin cancer "witch" doctor resulted in a week of forced "inactivity".  The mean old doctor found a nasty lump in my leg and decided it had to be removed - so out it came and there I was, forced to stay in my comfortable armchair with leg up for a week.   I prepared myself with a bag full of hand-stitching projects just itching to be finished - and the results are below.

The result of the removal of the lump was all good, and it's healing very well but we now have another dilemma.  With three more nasties on my face (nose and cheek) the doc prescribed the use of some chemo cream to remove them.  Of course there is a "down" side to the treatment - no exposure to the sun for two to three weeks!  Oh no - confined to the house, three weeks of boredom. Not bloomin' likely.  There's many a quilt to be finished, and even more hand-stitching to be completed, so methinks this will be a great opportunity to spend many a guilt-free hour in "The Cave".

With two days of constant rain this week it's not likely that I would have had much exposure to the sun anyway.  But the leg continues to heal and I ventured back into "The Cave" yesterday (Monday, 25 Feb) to tackle the progression of Mr Bonney's quilt (see Mach I and II in "New Beginnings" entry).  Certainly made a lot of progress with the design layout but not much with the actual stitching. Why? Because my wonderful 'Brother' seems to have lost its tension.   No joy with getting it fixed until at least next week.  Boo-hoo! But I have drafted the layout and the photo is below.

Whilst lounging about over the past week I made the decision to be a part of the "The Big Dinner Party to Fight MS" fund-raising campaign being held throughout the month of March.  We will be holding an event on 31st March that I have called 'A Garden Affair - High Tea in the Hills'. As a fund-raising event our guests will be asked to make a donation to MS Queensland, either at the event or through my profile on the web.  I will be aiming to raise at least $100 either leading up to, or at the event.  So if you are reading this and would like to make a donation this is the link

Completed this cross-stitch this week. It is part of a Round Robin that I am taking part in.  Stitched on 28 count linen it didn't take me as long as I expected.  It will be mailed on to the next stitcher at the beginning of March.

Embroidery Guild Stitch of the Month.
This 'beautiful' piece of work is the project we worked on at the Toowoomba Embroiderer's Guild stitch of the month class in 2012.  I missed five classes due to travelling and overseas visitors but I am very proud of the stitches I have completed so far. This UFO will be finished before the end of March.

 These three blocks are part of my Gingham 
Girls BOM by Bronwyn Hayes. Started in
November 2012. Finished all three this past week.

This is a Cross-stitch project I started two years ago.  It is quite a complicated chart which is produced over 16 pages.  There are 86 different coloured DMC threads used.  I completed a similar one to this which took me four years.  My darling husband thought it would be nice to have a "pair" on the wall!! No idea when this will be finished!!!!

  This is the design I have drafted for Mr Bonney's quilt.  I am
very happy with the layout and will be even happier when I
can get on with it.  It has to be finished before we go away
in April. 


Caramello said...

Hi Diana,
You really are a clever one. I enjoy following your progress especially with the UFOs of which I also have a few (don't we all!)

Diana Rayward said...

Thanks Carmel. Trust you are enjoying some "crafty" time as well as staying dry. Love to all